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William D. Greenlee, Jr. authors an article published in Lawyer Issue

William D. Greenlee, Jr., Partner and Managing Director, DFDL Myanmar, authored an article on the aviation industry in Myanmar for a digital publication of Lawyer Issue. The article discusses the growth of the aviation industry and other economic factors facing Myanmar in 2016, which is predicted to be a year of rapid growth.

“In general, the legal environment is in the early stages of reform and modernization, the former government under the military civilian government party had made significant progress in drafting laws encouraging foreign investment. Further laws promoting foreign investment are also expected to be approved by the new government. These include laws relating to investments in the Myanmar aviation industry, such as the upcoming Airport Authority Law, the Rules Relating to International Interest in Mobile Equipment, and the Rules to the Law Relating to International Interests in Aircraft Equipment of 2014,” writes William.

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