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An Expert Overview of the Logistics and Industrial Real Estate Sector in Thailand

Recording Date: 21 September 2021

If you are interested in investing in Thailand’s logistics and industrial real estate sector, listen to this highly informative episode!

Although the logistics and industrial real estate market in Thailand has gone through several rough months due to COVID-19 and its ongoing impacts, many lucrative opportunities remain and are there for the taking by forward thinking and eagle-eyed logistics players. This sector is anticipated to witness tremendous growth in the coming years due to the unprecedented expansion of e-commerce activities, digitalization of the economy and rapid changes in the ways we order and purchase items whether they be everyday household goods, food, consumer electronics or even furniture. All of these developments will create huge demand in the logistics space requiring greatly overhauled and streamlined supply chain and logistics operations, storage facilities and vehicle depots, warehouses, factories, assembly stations, repair facilities, IT systems and more throughout the country.

Guillaume Massin (Partner, Cambodia & Thailand Managing Director, Head of Regional Real Estate & Construction Practice) and Paul Volodarsky (Deputy Head of Regional Real Estate & Construction Practice) address the primary concerns of logistics and industrial site developers along with foreign and local investors when deciding on the best ways to enter this market. In this spirit, our experts lay out the most relevant laws, current opportunities and the regulatory challenges that prospective investors need to fully understand before embarking on their activities in this sector.

Top 4 Questions Discussed:
  • What are the legal and due diligence considerations to be taken into account when entering the logistics/industrial real estate market in Thailand?
  • What are some of the practical considerations that investors need to be aware of prior to entering the market? 
  • What are some of the recent changes to the law that affect Thailand’s logistics/industrial real estate sector? 
  • Looking into your crystal ball, where do you see Thailand’s logistics/industrial real estate market in the coming years?