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Workforce Restructuring – COVID19 Resilience: Responding to Uncertainties in Thailand

Recording Date: 30 June 2021

Top 5 questions within 20 minutes to keep up to date with the workforce restructuring options available to employers in Thailand.

The third wave of COVID-19 has spread all over Thailand and is raising understandable concerns and generating uncertainty among the business community. We take this opportunity to guide you on the key measures and best practices to help you mitigate the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on your business.

As employers keep experiencing increasing operational and financial challenges, Kraisorn Rueangkul (Partner) and Jonathan Blaine (Co-Head of the Regional Restructuring & Insolvency Practice) discuss how to minimize labor challenges and avoid unnecessary labour disputes in compliance with local laws. They discuss practical steps and highlight noteworthy considerations when implementing workforce restructuring available to employers in Thailand.

Listen to this highly informative podcast to help you keep your business afloat and on the right track for the rest of 2021 and beyond.

Top 5 Questions Discussed:
  1. What kind of approach is recommended when going through workforce restructuring?
  2. What should an employer look out for when changing terms and conditions of an employee’s agreement? What if an employee refuses to agree to the proposed change?
  3. How does an employer effectively communicate with the workforce who will be placed on furlough or remote working?
  4. Can employee representatives be furloughed and continue in their role as a representative?
  5. What immigration issues should an employer take into account when considering furlough and redundancies?