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Indonesia – Legal Expert Guide to Data Breaches & Ransomware Attacks

Recording Date: 23 November 2021

The digital transformation experienced over the last number of years and greatly accelerated by COVID-19 has resulted in unprecedented global economic and societal shifts with more people moving towards online services and companies collecting ever increasing volumes of data. As ransomware attacks and data breaches have been on top news stories these days, we take this opportunity to look more closely at some of the main questions, concerns and legal considerations to be taken into account when cyber-criminals attack.

In this video, our experts, Vinay Ahuja (Partner) and Sri Wahyu Ningsih (Senior Legal Consultant), guide you through the best practices and processes to put in place to prevent, prepare and ready oneself for such incident in Indonesia.

Key topics discussed:

  • Overview of situation;
  • Laws governing data breaches;
  • Cybersecurity best practices to be adopted by organizations in response to internal and external data breaches;
  • Guidance on how to best create, implement and refine a comprehensive data breach response plan; and
  • Steps which organizations can immediately take to be better prepared for an international data breach.

Watch this very short video to get a clear overview of the situation in Indonesia. Don’t miss out on this crucial opportunity to learn key insights on data breaches and ransomware attacks!