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Legal Aspects of Restructuring Loans in Myanmar and Key Myanmar Tax Updates

DFDL is pleased to invite you to a live webinar on corporate loan restructuring in Myanmar and recent tax updates and developments in the country.

This webinar, Legal Aspects of Restructuring Loans in Myanmar and Key Myanmar Tax Updates, will be held online at 3 pm (Myanmar time) on 7 June 2023. The format will include an insightful discussion between Nick Towle (Regional Senior Adviser) and Diberjohn Balinas (Tax Director).

The webinar comes at a challenging time in Myanmar. The country’s recent political crisis, the government’s attempt to ‘de-dollarise’ the economy, and recent restrictions on foreign payments – all happening while recovering from the pandemic have prompted investors, borrowers, and lenders to consider or restructure their loans in Myanmar.

At DFDL Myanmar, we have advised and assisted companies to restructure their loans in myanmar to adapt to the situation and mitigate their risks, given these challenges.


Our presentation will cover the following:

  • Recent issuances by the Central Bank of Myanmar and relevant authorities affecting financing transactions in Myanmar.
  • Common issues faced by lenders and borrowers in terms of documenting their restructuring, obtaining regulatory approvals, and getting their loans paid, and on how to mitigate those issues.
  • Tax aspects on corporate finance restructuring.
  • Recent tax updates (including annual tax compliance reminders for the financial year ended 31 March 2023).

If you are interested on these topics, be sure to join us for this important and informative webinar.

Please register for the webinar at your earliest convenience.

Nick Towle
Senior Adviser
Nick is an U.