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Thailand Tax & Transfer Pricing | 2 December 2021

The focus of the webinar will be a sort of year in review as well as a discussion of potential tax planning strategies, which may prove beneficial given the past 12 months. In addition, we will also provide a transfer pricing update given that 2021 was the first effective year for the new transfer pricing legislation along with a discussion of managing potential Transfer Pricing risks.


Tax Review and Planning by Jonathan Blaine (Thailand Tax Director) – 20 minutes

  • How can Thai companies benefit from using the new e-Withholding tax system for filing and payment purposes?
  • Can we expect the COVID-19 related tax relief measures by the government in 2021 to help Thai companies to be offered again for 2022?
  • How can Thai companies optimize their Net Operating Loss Utilization strategies?

Transfer Pricing Updates by Christine Schwarzl (Regional Transfer Pricing Director) – 20 minutes

  • What are the key Transfer Pricing updates that Thai taxpayers need to comply with?
  • Which transactions are affected by the Transfer Princing updates – and how?
  • As a Thai taxpayer, what should I do to manage Transfer Pricing risk in FY2021?

Q&A Session moderated by Jack Sheehan (Partner, Regional Head of Taxation Practice) – 20 minutes