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DFDL’s Allied Firm in Japan, Astumi & Sakai, Appointed to JBAC

Atsumi & Sakai, DFDL’s allied firm in Japan, has been appointed as a member of the Japanese Business Association in Cambodia (JBAC)

atsumi-and-sakaiThe Japan Desk is very pleased to announce that DFDL’s allied firm in Japan, Atsumi & Sakai, has been appointed as a member of the Japan Business Association of Cambodia (JBAC). DFDL was originally denied entry to JBAC on the grounds that it is not a Japanese company. However, the Japan Desk and Miho Niunoya, a partner of Atsumi & Sakai worked together tirelessly to demonstrate that Atsumi  & Sakai (with its strong ties to DFDL) would be an appropriate candidate for membership.

Patrick Smith, Head of the Japan Desk said “This is great news for DFDL. Atsumi & Sakai has demonstrated a high level of commitment to DFDL by referring clients to us and providing DFDL with opportunities to market our firm in Japan. The admission of Atsumi & Sakai as a member of JBAC will allow DFDL to have a ‘presence’ at JBAC and the credibility of supporting a selected member thus garnering further exposure to Japanese clients doing business in Cambodia.” 

Hiroo Atsumi, Managing Partner of Atsumi & Sakai said “We are very pleased to become members of JBAC and for the support of DFDL’s Japan Desk. The association is very useful for our clients in Cambodia and we believe that our membership will be beneficial for both of our firms. We have been working closely with Patrick Smith and the Japan Desk to promote both of our firms and we look forward to continuing to do so.” 

To the Japan Desk, we say Otsukaresamadesu! (You worked hard!)

DFDL Express Team