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Audray Souche Speaks at International Conference on Energy 4.0

On 25 January, Audray Souche (Partner; Managing Director – DFDL Thailand) gave a presentation at the International Conference on Energy 4.0: Designing the Future of Thailand’s Power Sector. The two day event was held in Bangkok and brought together over 200 delegates from the Thai government, the private sector, academic professionals, along with regional and international professionals in the energy sector. The event’s organizers, Asian Development Bank and the Ministry of Energy, wanted to bring expertise from all over the region to share ideas, experiences, and best practices that can help propel Thailand’s power sector to the next level. The conference explored how utilities are approaching three key business sectors that will be critical to successful utility business models in the future. These are:

  • Utilities, mobility and transportation;
  • Utilities and renewable energy; and
  • Utilities, digitalization and energy efficiency.

Audray contributed to the session dedicating to the financing of renewable energy. She highlighted that the financing of renewable energy projects relies on the combination of 3 variables: regulatory, business model and key contractual terms. Depending on the available regulatory support in any one shall be adapted to capture incentives and investment protection as well as to ensure appropriate risk allocation. The event was a resounding success and delegates gained fresh insights, perspectives and new business connections.

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