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Bhawna Bakshi Participates in AustCham Myanmar Post COVID-19 Workplace Webinar

On 20 October 2020, Bhawna Bakshi (DFDL Myanmar & ASEAN Desk Legal Adviser) was pleased to be the keynote speaker of AustCham Myanmar latest live talk ‘The Post COVID-19 Workplace in Myanmar’. Bhawna gave the audience an insightful overview of the evolving post COVID-19 employment law landscape in Myanmar. She discussed the labour regulations and shared her insights on ways to minimize COVID-19 related labour challenges, including working from home arrangements as well as practical steps and considerations when implementing options available to employers to cut down on labour costs. She also discussed lawful considerations that employers need to take into account when requesting their staff to return to the office while ensuring their protection in terms of health and safety. The audience raised lots of interesting questions making this live event highly insightful for participants wishing to learn more about the current employment landscape in Myanmar.