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Charles Amar Holds a Training Session on the Construction Law and the Prakas 118 for Comin Khmere’s Team

On 18 December 2019, Charles Amar, DFDL Head of Cambodia Real Estate and Construction, held a morning training session on the Construction Law and the Prakas 118 at Comin Khmere’s office.

The purpose of this training session was to inform Comin Khmere’s employees on the changes and implications of this law and new regulation and how it will impact their business activities in Cambodia.

The training went through all of the main provisions of the Construction Law and Prakas No. 118, in particular the essential provisions and clauses that are to be included in construction or demolition contracts, new regulations that construction stakeholders must comply with (i.e. building technical regulations and codes of ethics), rules applicable to construction materials, equipment and products, rules related to the management of design documents and the rules relating to the management of construction and demolition work.

The training also covered work site inspections, construction insurance policies, legal construction warranties and stakeholder liabilities.

The training concluded with a lively and engaging Q&A session.

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