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Charles Amar Recently Quoted in Khmer Times Article

Charles Amar, DFDL Cambodia Head of the Real Estate Practice, was recently quoted in a Khmer Times article on Hotel investment in Cambodia. This article quotes different Cambodia experts from ABD, CIM and DFDL.

These experts gave their opinions and expertise on how the hotel sector is developing and why tourism and hospitality in the country is taking greater precedence and attracting heightened investor interest in recent years. Charles points to several economic factors that account for this such as the increase in tourist numbers, newly opened flight connections to Cambodia, the diversity of investment possibilities and major international hotel brands entering the market. He believes that three important changes in the hotel industry help to attract foreign investment: digital economy growth, higher value luxury tourism and the presence of international chains.

The full Khmer Times article: “Cambodia an ideal destination for hotel investment: experts” can be found here:

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