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DFDL Managing Partner Discusses Business Strategy for Asia-Pacific Law Firms

A recent article in the Asia Business Law Journal, titled “New Horizons” brought together regional experts to discuss business development strategies for expanding and maintaining operations in the Asia-Pacific region. From direct ownership to network affiliations, the article examined the different strategies used by region’s top legal firms in crossing borders and capturing market opportunities during and after COVID-19.

Audray Souche (Regional Managing Partner) was quoted extensively in the article, sharing her views on what was successful for DFDL during the restrictions brought on by the global pandemic. “We have made very nice progress in attracting business advisory and corporate advisory and working hand in hand with our lawyers to source business opportunities” Audray told Asia Business Journal. “Other firms are doing it in each jurisdiction, but we do it at a regional level.”

DFDL efforts and strategy were focused on consolidating our expertise locally and regionally across Southeast Asia. The priority for DFDL was strengthening the firm’s position as a regional expert with a strategic business development plan. One key to regional success was the mobility of DFDL staff members and experts. “Our people in our Thailand and Lao PDR offices have moved from one office to the other, bringing the benefits of cross-jurisdictional experience,” Audray was quoted as saying in the Asia Business Law Journal. “We have created regional advisers through this, and the key people in our practice group are seen as regional experts based on their experience.”

A major opportunity identified by the DFDL legal team has been the emergence of dispute resolution and arbitration throughout the region. In response, DFDL has created a new practice group composed of dispute resolution experts and in collaboration with local litigation firms in Vietnam and Thailand. “We feel this has potential,” Audray said in the article. “Previously, we had been very timid because of the nature of our market and the low reliability of the judiciary systems. But that has evolved with the development of local arbitration.”

DFDL’s strength is its regional footprint: The firm’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic was to keep a regional approach with a strong and focused business development plan.

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