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DFDL Thailand Coaches Fintech Challenge: The Discovery

Over August and September 2018, representatives from DFDL Thailand, in collaboration with the Thai Fintech Association, coached participants from the Fintech Challenge on various legal courses. Kraisorn Rueangkul (Partner) participated in the course “Law 101 for Startups” focusing on basic legal issues that every startup business must know. These included choosing the right type of company entity, key commercial contracts with shareholders, investors, business partners, suppliers and contractors. Nipaporn Supha-Utchaichan (Partner) along with Walanchathas Sanguanwong (Regional Senior Legal Adviser) provided coaching on “Starting the Partnership – Understanding Basic Concepts of Term sheets”. Their lectures focused on the importance and uses of term sheet documentation, introductions, precautions and techniques that startup businesses must embrace when entering into commercial contracts.

Vinay Ahuja (Partner) also provided training on “The Fintech Arena – Understanding the Legal Requirements of Transacting with E-Money in Thailand”. Vinay’s contribution focused on the upcoming cashless trends in Thai society, the key legal issues governing electronic currency, and the fundamental requirements underpinning day-to-day electronic currency transactions.

DFDL Contacts

Kraisorn Rueangkul


Nipaporn Supha-Utchaichan


Vinay Ahuja


Walanchathas Sanguanwong

Regional Senior Legal Adviser