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DFDL Thailand Contributes to World Bank Report on Doing Business

DFDL is a proud regional contributor to the World Bank report on Doing Business 2019: Training for Reform. This report is the 16th edition in an annual series of reports gauging the regulations that enhance business activity and those that constrain it around the world. DFDL’s primary contribution was to the Thailand-specific sections of this report where we outlined the steps taken by the Thai government to improve the ease of doing business in the country. This included: introducing fixed registration fees to set up businesses, implementing an online system to calculate and file corporate income tax, and bolstering cross-border trade by bringing in a new electronic cargo control technology to reduce waiting times at borders. Contributors from DFDL included Audray Souche (Partner; Managing Director), Suradech Hongsa (Senior Legal Adviser) and Simon Z. Rajan (Legal Adviser).

Click here to download the World Bank report.

DFDL Contacts

Audray Souche

Partner, Managing Director

DFDL Thailand

Suradech Hongsa

Senior Legal Adviser

DFDL Thailand

Simon Z. Rajan

Legal Adviser

DFDL Thailand