DFDL Thailand Recruits Candidates for 2024 Internship Program

The DFDL Thailand team has participated in three internship roadshows this month, seeking to recruit university students as potential candidates for DFDL’s 2024 summer internship program.

The first event, the “LL.B. Law Firm Career and Internship Fair 2023”, was held on 7th September 2023 at Thammasat University. DFDL team included:  

    1. Clement Palos                
    2. Thanatorn Anekvittayakij 
    3. Chanapha Chamnanlertkit 
    4. Sukanya Siriananchaikul 
    5. Nitipat Uthairat                 

The DFDL team welcomed students to our booth at the internship fair, and we shared insights on working with DFDL and the opportunities and experience students would gain from interning with the firm.

The second event, the “Hear the Future, the Future is Here: Summer Legal Internship 2024”, which was held on 11th September 2023 at Chulalongkorn University.

    1. Chayanee Chumchun              
    2. Szu-yu Lee (Vivian) 
    3. Sukanya Siriananchaikul 
    4. Sutinan Karakate 
    5. Pawilai Ploythammachat       

Finally, the third event, Khun Rungpetch Panpet (Legal Adviser) was a featured speaker at “Law Firm Open House 2023” held on 18th September 2023 at Faculty of Law Thammasat University with ALSA Thammasat Rang Sit (Asian Law Students’ Association) We welcomed students to present our benefits of the DFDL internship program and answering students’ questions about DFDL, the internship program and the final selection process.

    1. Rungpetch Panpet              
    2. Pramuk Chotayathiwat
    3. Sukanya Siriananchaikul
    4. Napat Wattanasong-Aun Aun

DFDL Thailand was pleased to take part in the three successful events, and enjoyed the interest expressed by students. We look forward to a fantastic and productive 2024 summer internship program.