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Driving Employee Performance in Times of COVID-19: Market Views & Legal Options

Following our first video ‘Salary Arrangements & Restructuring in the Time of COVID-19’, another key concern of Human Resource departments during this time is to keep their workforces motivated and performing optimally in spite of unideal circumstances and uncertainty about the near future. Watch our latest video to form a clearer view on the options available for employers to inspire and motivate employee performance along with tools and viable incentives to retain talented, skilled and valuable personnel. Marion Carles-Salmon (DFDL Head of Regional Employment and Labor Practice) discusses legal and practical options that companies in Southeast Asia currently affected by the pandemic can implement such as stock option plans, free shares and shadow shares. Jeanette Kwan (Mercer Market Lead, Indochina) presents and sheds light upon recent market survey results indicating what employees in emerging markets value the most: leave benefits, flexible working arrangements, health and medical benefits and risk insurance.

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The New Workplace – The Impact of COVID-19 on Human Resources, Key Considerations for Employers webinar aims to provide the latest insights and guidance on how employers can continue to adapt their human resources strategies and future business plans during and after COVID-19.