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Eatigo: From Inception to Expansion Across Asia – Episode 1: Bringing Online Reservation Technology to the Restaurant World

DFDL’s Vinay Ahuja and Company’s Co-founder and Group CFO Discuss Eatigo’s Success in Bringing Technology Used in Airline Ticket and Hotel Room Reservations to the Restaurant Table

Episode 1: Bringing Online Reservation Technology to the Restaurant World

In this opening video, Vinay Ahuja, DFDL Partner and Head of the Regional Banking, Finance & Technology Practice, and Siddantha (‘Sid’) Kothari, Eatigo Co-Founder and Chief Financial Officer sit down together to discuss Eatigo’s transition from its humble beginnings in a small Bangkok office in 2013 to its rapid regional expansion. Eatigo now has a presence in seven countries across South and Southeast Asia. Together they introduce the challenges of applying the technologies and ‘yield management’ strategies more commonly found in the airline ticket and hotel reservation sector (different prices at different times) to the restaurant world. Sid also discusses the cross-cultural challenges involved in setting up such a novel company, with different cultural norms to factor in from the way people dine, the way they consume information, and convincing merchants to adopt a new system designed to help them fill their empty tables at particular times.

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