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IFLR1000: Energy and Infrastructure: Leading Lawyers in Asia-Pacific

Martin Desautels, James Finch, William Greenlee Jr, Rashed Idrees, Audray Souche, David Doran, and Walter Heiserhave been selected as leading lawyers in the Asia-Pacific section of IFLR 1000 Energy and Infrastructure, a new publication from Euromoney in London.

Name Countries Area of Expertise
Martin Desautels Cambodia, Vietnam Mining, Power
James Finch Myanmar Mining, Power, Finance, Project Development
William Greenlee Myanmar, Lao PDR Finance, M&A, Power
Rashed Idrees SE Asia Project Development, Mining and Power
Audray Souche Thailand Finance, Project Development, Mining and Power
David Doran Thailand, SE Asia Finance, Project Development, Power
Walter Heiser Thailand, Vietnam (this will be corrected in the online version – should read Laos) Finance, Project Development, Mining and Power

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