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Jonathan Blaine Contributes Business and Human Rights Article to PCRC2021

In January 2021, Jonathan Blaine (Co-Head of Regional Compliance & Investigations Practice) authored an article  “Business and Human Rights Projects Turns 10 – Where We’ve Been and Where Might We Be Going” as part of the 8th Peace and Conflict Resolution Conference proceedings for 2020.

This thought provoking article takes on the issue of corporate liability in a transnational world, human rights abuses by businesses and transnational corporations and how a workable regulatory framework may be deployed to hold corporates to account for activities in developing jurisdictions where unreliable judicial systems are the norm. Jonathan provides an accessible and insightful overview of issues such as access to the courts and judicial mechanisms for people to seek redress for alleged corporate malfeasance, whether corporations can face sanctions for international human rights violations, the varying degrees to which corporations are bound by and subject to international treaties and related enforcement mechanisms. This is a far-reaching and developing area of international law that will have a major impact on businesses worldwide.

Find out more & access Jonathan’s article (on Page 127) with this link: