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Marion Carles-Salmon & Alex Larkin Participate in ELA Webinar Series on the Reimagined Workplace in Southeast Asia

On 2 July 2020, Marion Carles-Salmon (Regional Legal Adviser and Head of the Regional Employment & Labor Practice) and Alex Larkin (Senior Consultant, Cambodia) were pleased to participate as speakers in the Employment Law Alliance (ELA) webinar series ‘The Reimagined Workplace in Cambodia, Myanmar, Vietnam & Thailand’.

Our labor experts shared their latest insights and experience on workforce management post COVID-19 with the assembled attendees. More specifically, Alex discussed these issues in regard to Cambodia while Marion’s presentation focused on Myanmar and Vietnam. In a panel discussion format, they discussed several key topics of particular relevance during the global recession: health and safety measures, specific employment laws and regulations passed during the crisis, restructuring options, redundancy, termination options and cost-saving measures.

Over the course of an hour, the audience gained valuable and practical knowledge on how to manage their workforces during these particularly difficult times while adhering to local laws.

If you missed this webinar and want to access the replay, please click here.