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Martin Desautels Ranked by Financial Times Among Top 10 Legal Innovators for Asia-Pacific Region 2019

DFDL is delighted to announce that Martin Desautels, Managing Partner, has been named by the Financial Times as one of the Top 10 legal innovators for the Asia-Pacific region 2019. In recognizing Martin for this accolade, the Financial Times noted that he has been instrumental in building the firm’s presence and services in the region, while also tackling the challenges that come with operating a regional law firm in ASEAN markets.  As the economies of ASEAN continue to accelerate and attract ever greater levels of foreign investment and companies wishing to access these lucrative markets, the need for a reliable regional law firm with on-the-ground experience of the legal and tax intricacies in each jurisdiction has never been greater. In his role as Managing Partner, Martin has been instrumental in spearheading the Firm’s drive towards greater regionalization and interoperability between offices to ensure that clients receive a premium standard of legal and tax advisory services regardless of the country they do business in. Please join us in congratulating Martin on this deserving achievement.

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