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Sokheng Say Speaks at Women & Finance Workshop 2019

On 27 November 2019, Cambodia Post Bank Plc. (“CPBank”), sponsored by the World Savings Banks Institute (“WSBI”) organized the workshop Women & Finance at the Olympia City Hotel in Phnom Penh.

This workshop served as a great platform to exchange practical experiences and challenges that institutions face when promoting financial inclusion and addressing gender pay gap issues in developing countries. This year’s Women & Finance Workshop particularly focused on sharing practical experiences and lessons learned from female-focused programs. Expert speakers from the National Bank of Cambodia, Canadia Bank Plc and other bankers came together to share their expertise and knowledge on financial inclusion and gender gap issues.

In the afternoon session, Sokheng Say, DFDL Partner & Head of Regional Accounting Advisory Practice Group, participated as a speaker and panelist on the ‘Empowering Women through Financial Education’ presentation and discussion. After a short introduction by the moderator, Sokheng presented his insights on the gender gap and shared lessons learned from his experience on how to empower women financially.

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