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United States Ambassador to Cambodia Invites DFDL to Collaborate with the Embassy

We are pleased to announce that the incoming United States Ambassador to Cambodia, William E. Todd, who took over as Ambassador in April of this year, invited Alex Larkin and Olivier Kry to an intimate meeting to discuss the future of American foreign investment in Cambodia. The meeting, which took place on 23 August 2012, was held in Ambassador Todd’s office, and included Darren Hultman, the First Secretary of Political and Economic Affairs for the Embassy, and Flynn Fuller, the Mission Director for USAID Cambodia.

At the meeting, Alex and Olivier had an opportunity to present DFDL’s firm profile and expertise and exchanged views with the Ambassador on the legal and business environment in Cambodia. Ambassador Todd expressed his commitment to encouraging a rapid increase in the level of American business interests in Cambodia, and stated his view of DFDL being a highly reputable firm, clearly capable of advising investors and the Embassy in relation to such interests.

The Ambassador encouraged further interaction and continuing dialogue between the Embassy and DFDL moving forward.

This meeting reflects DFDL’s continuing efforts to forge a mutually-beneficial relationship with Ambassador Todd and senior staff of the U.S. Embassy.