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University of Michigan Law School: Partnerships with Local Firms Abroad

DFDL and Hana Damore, former intern, was portrayed in the article regarding International Summer Firm Internships Program Launches on the University of Michigan Law School website.

Having spent the previous two years teaching English in China, Damore knew she wanted to spend her 1L summer at a local firm abroad. Persistence, Internet research, and an extensive international alumni community ultimately led her to a nine-week internship at DFDL Legal and Tax Services in Thailand.

The experience proved so incredible that Damore has been working with the Center for International and Comparative Law​Office of Career Planning, and Office of Development and Alumni Relations to make similar opportunities available for other 1L and 2L students.

“Internships overseas are difficult to establish,” Damore said. “It’s a different system of law and, depending on the country, there are different explanations for what an internship actually is. In my search, I was relying on the fact that there was a partner out there able to understand what I was asking for and make the idea work.”

Michigan Law’s International Summer Firm Internship (ISFI) program intends to streamline this process by partnering with local law firms abroad and establishing the internship criteria in advance. The program, which is open to 1L and 2L students, will be offered for the first time during the summer of 2015.

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