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3rd Annual GMS Power Summit & Expo 2016

When: 14–17 June 2016

WhereHanoi, Vietnam

Head of DFDL Banking & Finance Practice Group Martin Desautels provided a presentation on renewable energy regulation at the 3rd GMS Power Summit in Hanoi on Friday, 17 June. He outlined the latest legal developments for the renewable energy sector in Vietnam and drew on comparisons with other policy frameworks in the region as part of the presentation.

Hosted by Neoventure, the GMS Power Summit was a key event of the year for the sector and was attended by government officials, industry leaders and service providers.  The main conference run from 15–17 June. For further details, please click here.

DFDL speaker:

Martin Desautels
Martin Desautels
Head of DFDL Banking & Finance Practice Group