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AMCHAM Tax & SME Joint Monthly Meeting | 16 November 2017 | Bangkok

For the past year Jonathan Blaine has inhabited the role of Co-Chair of AMCHAM Thailand’s Tax Committee alongside longstanding Chairman, John Andes. This committee has been highly active throughout the years and is regarded as one of the more informative and relevant committees, given its focus on U.S. and international tax matters, and the importance placed on these topics by both US and non-US members of the Chamber.

A summary of the past year’s accomplishments and developments can be found in the Committee Roundup Report, published annually by the Chamber in the Thai-American Business magazine, the Chamber’s official journal.

AMCHAM’s Tax Committee Co-Chairs (including Jonathan Blaine from DFDL’s Bangkok Office) held an event on November 16 to discuss the 2017 US tax law and changes in filing requirements for US citizens. This informative and enlightening event was attended by over 25 members, eager to learn more about the particularities of the new law, and how to stay in compliance with its newer provisions. This event is held annually as a service to US individuals and businesses living and operating inside Thailand.

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