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Asia Hydropower and Dams 2018 | 13-15 March 2018 | Da Nang

DFDL Partner Walter Heiser and Senior Legal Adviser Dave Seibert will outline Southeast Asia power project acquisitions and investment opportunities in Myanmar, respectively, at the Asia 2018 hydropower conference in Vietnam on 13 March. Hosted by the International Journal of Hydropower and Dams, the event is held biannually and is the premier event for the regional hydropower sector.

As the hydropower sector in Southeast Asia matures, there are substantial opportunities for new investment through the acquisition of projects at both the development and operational stages. Mr. Heiser will outline the key considerations in a presentation aimed at foreign investors in emerging markets.

Immediately following, Mr. Seibert explains the three key criteria attracting hydropower developers to Myanmar in a presentation on project procurement, investment incentives, and financing packages. Myanmar is considered the next big market for power investors due to its modest electrification rate and growth in demand.

Mr. Heiser will also participate in a panel discussing project finance and managing risk at the conference. For the full agenda and registration click here.