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Asia Corporate Energy Day | 30 June 2017 | Singapore

When : 30 June 2017

Where : Hotel Park Royal on Pickering, Singapore

Audray Souche and Huynh Dai Thang were keynote speakers at the Corporate Energy Day Conference held in Singapore on 30 June 2017 that was organized by AsiaWind. This one-day conference centered on the prevailing trends, challenges and opportunities presented by Corporate PPAs, in light of their sharply rising demand across the Asia-Pacific region.

The conference was well attended by a wide array of participants ranging from energy companies, major Japanese trading companies, and financial institutions, to international banks and regional consulting firms. Our DFDL speakers addressed and informed the audience by offering their insights and analysis on the general institutional structures of the Vietnam energy market. Audray and Thang further went on to impart their expertise and experience of the rising renewable energy sector in Vietnam, along with the lucrative future potential that it holds in store.

The conference was bookended by a reception where attendees were able to outline their concerns in greater detail, sharing perspectives and experiences with their assembled peers on the key ideas and hot topics touched upon during the conference.

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