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AustCham & DFDL: Trust, Engagement and the Employment Relationship | 6 December 2017 | Yangon

DFDL’s Danyel Thomson, Head of the Regional Employment Practice Group along with Antony Campbell, Director of Professional Development, were the keynote speakers at a breakfast seminar organized by Austcham in Yangon, Myanmar on December 6. The key topics under discussion centered upon how clear and legally compliant documentation helps to establish and maintain a trustful, engaging, and mutually co-operative employment relationship.

In particular, Danyel discussed how employers can use their internal regulations where the law is silent to not merely protect themselves, but also to provide instructions and guidance for situations where issues arise, which in turn sets expectations and creates a trustful and predictable working environment. The seminar was well attended by a range of foreign entities and INGOs, and led to engaging discussion on the topics presented.

Trust in the workplace has proven to greatly boost productivity and have a positive impact on employees by increasing engagement and reducing stress.

With insights from Danyel Thomson and Tony Campbell, don’t miss the chance to learn practical tips and techniques to make the employment relationship work for you and your organization.

The talk is for
  • Executives – looking to grow their business in Myanmar.
  • Managers – wanting to build trust in their teams.
  • Human resources employees – searching for ways to keep compliant with employment law while building trust in the workplace.
  • Sales & Marketing employees – trying to gain a competitive edge.
  • Customer service employees – trying to develop better relationships with their teams.
  • The impact of trust in an organization
  • What trust does to your brain
  • 5 ways leaders and managers can build trust within their teams and organizations
  • How building a trustful, engaging employment relationship begins with clear and legally compliant documentation
  • The Myanmar labor law requirements employers must adhere to in establishing the employment relationship foundation
  • Recommended provisions for your employment documentation to ensure expectations are communicated effectively

Date: 6 December 2017

Time: 8:30am to 10:30am

Venue: Le Cellier, Novotel Yangon Max – Level 14, 459 Pyay Rd, Yangon

Fees: 15 USD for member and 30 USD for non-member

For more information, please e-mail

DFDL Speakers

Danyel Thomson
Regional Head of Emplyment Practice Group

Tony Campbell
Director of Professional Development, DFDL Thailand