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Bangladesh Investment Summit

When: 4th of September 2014

Where: Singapore




DFDL is honored to sponsor and participate in the 2nd Bangladesh Investment summit to be held in Singapore on the 4th of September 2014.

Shahwar Nizam, partner of DFDL Bangladesh and Thierry Gougy, partner and head of DFDL’s regional M&A practice group will be representing DFDL. Shahwar Nizam will bring his experience to a panel discussion dedicated to market entry strategies for MNCs in Bangladesh.

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About the 2nd Bangladesh Investment summit:

With a growth trajectory of over 6 % over the last few years, this is a unique forum for investors to meet with the country’s leading regulators, banks and corporates to discuss the investment climate and ways to deploy money and return yield. The 2nd Bangladesh Investment Summit, Asia examines the trade and investment opportunities for Asia-based asset managers, private banks, family offices, private equity firms and corporations into Bangladesh’s emerging market.

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Key topics to be addressed include:

  • Mapping growth, risks and the regulatory landscape

  • Unravelling Bangladesh’s 2014 – 2015 Fiscal Budget: What does this mean for domestic and foreign investors?

  • One year on, Bangladesh’s RMG industry and its journey to diversify the export sector

  • Where does Bangladesh feature in your investment allocation strategy?

  • CEO’s Insights – some of Bangladesh’s most influential leaders discuss the business climate

  • Bangladesh Bank’s framework for developing access routes for foreign investors

  • Accessing Bangladesh’s capital markets – challenges and opportunities

  • Bangladesh’s equity market and recent tax implications

  • The development of the bond market – Banglalink and the proposed sovereign bond

  • How to execute PE deals

  • How can MNCs enter the market and capitalise

  • Elephant in the room: How can Bangladesh get to grips with its infrastructure demands?

  • Mapping infrastructure projects and harnessing financing

  • And more…

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