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Eurocham Business Luncheon on “New Housing Law and Vietnam’s Property Market 2015”, Hanoi, Vietnam

When: 11.45am – 1.30pm, 28 January 2015

 Where: Sofitel Plaza, Hanoi, Vietnam


DFDL Partner, Huynh Dai Thang gave insights and advice on “New Housing Law and Vietnam’s Property Market 2015” through a luncheon organized by EuroCham. These following points were discussed:

  • A big move by the National Assembly in adopting regulations to allow foreigners to buy houses/apartments in Vietnam.
  • How this will affect the property market in Vietnam?
  • Will certificate of ownership to foreigners double quickly and will the rent market be seriously affected?
  • Together with SBV policies to provide low interest rate for loans to buy houses for civil servant, will these policies create a hike on the property market?

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