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Cambodia – Year End Tax Planning Breakfast

Year End Tax Planning: 10 Things to do Before 31 Dec – Phnom Penh, 8 December 2010

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The last weeks of the financial year are typically a busy time for tax planning: it is the last chance enterprises have to clean up their balance sheet, save taxes and reduce the risk of future tax reassessments. Are you fully aware of the steps you can or must take in these final weeks?

In this Tax Breakfast over coffee and croissants in our Phnom Penh office, the DFDL tax team gives you a detailed “To Do List” to make sure you have not missed anything:

  • How to avoid challenges on shareholder loans?
  • Minimum Tax optimization
  •  How to settle intra-group charges and accrued expenses?
  •  How will the GDT reassess “work in progress”?
  •  IFRS reconciliation
  •  Make the most of your withholding tax credits!
  •  How to defer taxes to the next tax year?     

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Edwin Vanderbruggen
Managing Director, Regional Tax Practice