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DFDL breakfast: Vietnam Legal and Tax Outlook 2015, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

When: 31 March 2015

Where: Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam 

DFDL Vietnam, in co-organization with AmCham Vietnam, presented on the Vietnam legal and tax outlook 2015 at the New World Hotel in Ho Chi Minh. Hanh Tran and Bernard Cobarrubias drew attention to recent legal and tax policies introduced by the Vietnamese government aimed at stimulating growth and enhancing the business environment in Vietnam.

Event description: What lies ahead for Vietnam?

Optimists project an upward trend of growth; an increasingly stable macro-economy and strength through integration with its ASEAN neighbors. Pessimists, on the other hand, dread another lackluster year in growth, a market lacking in confidence and increasingly predatory competition from its ASEAN neighbors. These are two discordant pictures of what lies ahead for Vietnam in 2015.

DFDL also presented the bigger picture including regional drivers of policy affecting Vietnam and identified sobering realities, obstacles and limitations that may impede the country in achieving its goals.

As government pushes for more reforms, we examined opportunities that are opened up by new investment policies, the recent wave of further tax reforms. We also bore in mind the adjustments that are needed to be made by the business sector in their strategies to help them navigate through Vietnam’s legal and tax agenda for 2015.

Some photos from the event are below:

Vietnam_Legal_and_Tax_Outlook_1  Vietnam_Legal_and_Tax_Outlook_2

Vietnam_Legal_and_Tax_Outlook_3  Vietnam_Legal_and_Tax_Outlook_4

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