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DFDL Cambodia: Mergers & Acquisitions Breakfast | 12 September 2014

When: 12 September 2014 | 08:00 – 10:00

Where: Raffles Hotel Le Royal, Phnom Penh

Price: $25 USD

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Merger and Acquisition transactions are proliferating across Southeast Asia and, as interest in Cambodia as an investment destination increases, that trend is also apparent here.

In this breakfast session Chris Robinson, head of DFDL Cambodia’s Corporate & Commercial Practice Group, will provide an overview of M&A trends across emerging Asia today with special attention paid to Cambodia, as well as look at the issues and opportunities of ‘doing a deal’ in Cambodia.

As real estate transactions are very popular in Cambodia, the firm’s head of the Real Estate Practice Group, Lucas Vosch, will examine case studies in the Cambodia real estate and agriculture sectors and Jude Ocampo, head of the Tax Practice Group, will examine the tax aspects of these deals and important considerations for future merger and acquisition ventures.

For event information and to register, please email or call +855 78 222 701