DFDL – Chinese Chamber of Commerce Seminar

Dear Chinese Chamber of Commerce (“CCC”) Members:

We would like to invite you to our Business/Law Seminar on Friday, 14 October 2011 from 4:00 pm until 5:30 pm at the Chinese Chamber of Commerce. Following the seminar we encourage you to join us for a cocktail networking event held at the same location. DFDL will discuss key considerations on what you need to know about how to invest in the Lao PDR and relevant investment laws and taxes.

Topics will include:

I. Investment Opportunities for Chinese investors:

  • General Overview of the Lao economy
  • Opportunities for Chinese investors: what sectors are attractive to Chinese investors?
  • Are there any restrictions for Chinese investors?
  • What sectors have Chinese companies invested in?

II. New Investment Law- some salient features:

  • What does the new investment law offer for Chinese investors?
  • Areas open to Chinese investment
  • What legal structures are available: 100% foreign owned companies, joint venture agreements (JV), representative offices, branches
  • What investment terms are available?
  • What land concessions / lease terms are available for Chinese companies?
  • How to structure an investment in Lao PDR: minimum investment requirements, financing, types of shares

III. Tax in the Lao PDR

  • What tax incentives are available for Chinese investors?
  • Entry Strategies: What holding company options are available to structure an investment into the Lao PDR? What is a tax efficient structure for Chinese investors?
  • What does the Double Tax Agreement (DTA) between China and Lao PDR offer Chinese companies?
  • Free Trade Agreement (FTA) / Bi lateral trade agreements with Chinese and Lao PDR
  • Exit Strategies: What are the tax implications for Chinese companies selling or transferring an investment in Lao PDR? Sale of shares or assets sale?

IV. Banking / foreign exchange Transactions:

  • Repatriation of income: what foreign exchange restrictions exist for Chinese investors?
  • What currencies are available for foreign companies (THB, USD, LAK)
  • Chinese and international banks operating in the Lao PDR

This event is offered at no cost to executives of our selected candidates and is part of our on-going series of seminars. However, places are limited and we recommend that you confirm your attendance as soon as possible by replying to Mr. Sun Lei: sunlei289@hotmail.com, or +856 21 212949. To DFDL , please reply to Ms. Mina Korlasak: mina.korlasak@dfdl.com or +856 21 242 068-70.

Language: Chinese – Mandarin


Jiajia Xing
Regional Legal Team
William Jr. Greenlee
Partner, Country Managing Director, Lao PDR
Jack Sheehan
Senior Tax Manager, Lao PDR