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French Desk

DFDL French Desk logo

DFDL’s French Desk is comprised of internationally qualified native French speaking professionals with specializations and expertise across the full range of legal and tax services that DFDL offers to companies wishing to enter or already operating in South and South-East Asian markets.

With longstanding and far-reaching experience in foreign direct investment, DFDL has been able to guide and assist a diverse array of French and European companies, from multinational corporations to SMEs, and NGOs, in their international expansion efforts across ASEAN and beyond.

Our assistance encompasses the full suite of services that are essential to investors in Asia, whether they involve corporate & commercial matters, complex cross-border transactions, mergers and acquisitions, banking and finance, energy mining and infrastructure, employment and more.

In our core jurisdictions, we have at least one resident member of the French Desk, fully fluent in French, who can serve as your dedicated point of contact. With comprehensive knowledge of the local regulatory and legal environment, each stands ready and equipped to advise, assist, and support you on legal and tax matters specific to the country or on complicated multi-jurisdictional matters as the challenges duly demand.