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Employment & Labour

2022 Awards


Recommended – Thailand

DFDL’s Employment and Labour Practice Group firmly believes that clear, legally compliant Human Resources documentation creates a solid foundation for a good working relationship between employers and their people. Our Employment and Labour Practice Group is dedicated to preparing that solid basis, and advising clients on employment and labour issues which arise.

Our clients benefit from our extensive experience in preparing employment agreements, internal regulations, and consultancy/contractor agreements which comply with local law and practice, and meet the entity’s operational needs. We can provide advice on matters including: employment entitlements, working hours, overtime, restrictions on foreign workers, employee transfers, secondments, termination, severance, retirement, and dispute resolution.

Our varied client base includes global companies with subsidiaries throughout Southeast Asia, as well as embassies, international non-governmental organizations (INGOs), and international organizations operating in the region. We provide personalized and comprehensive services tailored to the unique needs of our clients.

How we can help

  • Employment and labour law advice

    • Hiring new employees

    • Employment entitlements and obligations

    • Disciplinary proceedings

    • Termination rights and procedures

    • Restrictions on foreign workers

    • International mobility schemes

    • Employee transfers and secondments

    • Severance payments and calculation of liabilities upon termination

    • Retirement obligations and policies

    • Employment versus consultancy relationship analysis

    • Immigration queries, including advice on visas and work permits for expatriates

    • Data protection requirements and obligations with personal information

    • Transfer of employees following a merger or a business transfer

  • Compliance with local law procedures, obligations, and entitlements

  • Employment redundancies – employer options and risk assessments

  • Separation agreements

  • Employment contracts: preparation/compliance review

  • Internal regulations & union relations

  • Tax advice & tax compliance services related to employment

  • Management packages & incentive plans

  • Labour restructuring

Our team’s in-depth knowledge of the law and practices in the countries in which we operate allows us to provide specialized, practical advice on issues that arise in employment relationships.