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FCCS, EuroCham Singapore and DFDL: Cambodia Business Opportunities Forum | Singapore | 18 January 2018


On the 18th of January, DFDL, the French Chamber of Commerce, and EuroCham in Singapore organized this forum to cast greater light on the vast range of business opportunities currently available to foreign enterprises wishing to enter the Cambodian market. Our three keynote speakers, including DFDL’s Guillaume Massin, discussed and analyzed the key commercial sectors now open to foreign investors while outlining the various pitfalls and legal vagaries that await potential investors who fail to take due care and adequate precautions.

The speeches were very well received by the over 50 guests in attendance, and the Q&A session that followed sparked lively, thought-provoking exchanges and perspectives on the possibilities, complexities, and difficulties of doing business in Cambodia. This seminar was a fitting testament to the heightened and re-focused interest now being shown in this region by enterprises from across the European continent, and judging by the event’s success, this trend is sure to gather increased momentum well into the future.

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