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FCCS Legal & Tax Committee – 11 December 2013 – Singapore

FCCS Legal & Tax Committee

“How to structure acquisitions and cross border deals in the Mekong Region”

When: 11 December 2013 8:30 – 10:00

Where: FCCS Meeting Room, 541 Orchard Road, #09-01 Liat Towers

Free, Members only

On this occasion, the Committee was pleased to welcome Thierry Gougy, Regional Partner, Head of M&A at DFDL and Jack Sheehan, Regional Partner, Tax Practice Group at DFDL, who presented “How to structure acquisitions and cross border deals in the Mekong region”. During this Committee Meeting the guests learnt about:

1. Fundamental aspects of “onshore vs. offshore targets”
2. How share and asset deals work in practice 
3. Key tax and legal issues in the due diligence process 
4. Regulatory issues and restrictions that can apply to foreign investors 
5. Important legal issues in land and property acquisitions  
6. How effective are representations and warranties in practice
7. Important due diligence post-closing and integration risks 
8. How tax structuring can reduce taxes on financing, capital gains and profit repatriation 
9. Which countries make tax efficient locations holding companies and Special Purpose Companies (SPCs) (Singapore, Hong Kong, BVI etc)
10. International agreements and protection for foreign investors.

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