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How to Prepare Your Own Transfer Pricing Documentation

Tax Workshop:  PetroVietnam Tower, HCMC on 28 October 2010   

No one knows your company like you do, so why not learn how to prepare your own Transfer Pricing documentation?

It may be a cost-effective solution to meet your obligations under Vietnam tax law with respect to the transactions your Vietnam company has with group entities.

By attending our Transfer Pricing workshop we will teach you:

  • Basic transfer pricing methodology, giving you the tools to verify and substantiate that your transactions are performed in accordance with the arm’s-length principle, i.e. that the prices are in accordance with the requirements of the tax regulations.
  • Practical examples on how to analyze the most relevant transaction types, including :

₋      Purchase and sale of raw materials
₋      Purchase and sale of finished goods
₋      Sales and Marketing services
₋      Administrative and financial services
₋      Intra-group finance
₋      Royalties

  • How to utilize benchmarks/database searches as a basis for transfer pricing analysis
  • How to structure and draft transfer pricing documentation, with special attention on how to prepare:

₋     Description of the company and its activities
₋     Description of the industry and relevant market conditions
₋     Functional analysis of the transactions – describing the facts relevant to the economic analysis
₋     Economic analysis – verifying that the transactions are done at arm’s-length conditions.

DFDL Transfer Pricing Support Package

We are able to offer a special support package for clients participating in the workshop. The package includes:

  • A two our kick-off meeting – ensuring that you get started in the right direction.
  • Document template: a transfer pricing documentation template helping you to draft documentation in line with formats familiar to the tax authorities. 
  • Hot-line assistance – consultation over the phone on issues and questions that arises during your work on the documentation.
  • Supply of benchmarks/database search if deemed necessary for the economic analysis.
  • Review of your finalized draft documentation.

More details on our transfer pricing services you can find here, or contact the head of our transfer pricing practice, Nicolai Borge for more information or a proposal. You can contact Nicolai here.

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Edwin Vanderbruggen, Managing Director, Regional Tax Practice
Nicolai Borge, Director, Regional Tax Practice

 We are pleased to invite you to the PetroVietnam Tower (1-5 Le Duan Boulevard, D 1, Ho Chi Minh City) on Thursday October 28th 2010, from 2pm to 5pm, registration US$90 + 10% tax per person (includes printed documentation and refreshments). As our seats are limited, an early reply is necessary. Kindly click HERE for reservation and any inquiries or call Mai Nguyen +84 (0) 8 39100 072.