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IAG & DFDL: Integrated Advisory Group Meeting 2018 | 1-4 February 2018 | Bangkok

DFDL was honoured to host the first Integrated Advisory Group (IAG) meeting of 2018 in Bangkok from 1-4 February. A total of 36 delegates representing 22 legal and consultancy firms from 14 countries were in attendance.

The IAG is a multi-nation network that seeks to bring together independent professional firms (DFDL among them) across a variety of disciplines such as law, tax, and accounting to facilitate individuals and enterprises wishing to do business in certain countries, putting them in contact with IAG members that are there on the ground.

The business session on Friday opened with an introductory presentation by DFDL Managing Partner Martin Desautels, which was followed later in the afternoon by a discussion on the investment potential of the Mekong Region led by Audray Souche and Jerome Buzenet. This event provided the perfect setting for the international lawyers and tax advisors present to socialize, network, and exchange perspectives, knowledge, and experiences with one another.

The Peninsula Hotel – primely located in one of Bangkok’s smartest areas– served as the perfect arena for the Assembly, and those who came to this event were delighted to be introduced to the city’s notable landmarks, boat rides on the Chao Phraya river, and be exposed to the unique and charming elements of Thai culture and cuisine.











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