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Invitation-only: DFDL & Eversheds SHINE Sharing In-house Expertise: An Interactive Gathering for Leading GCs

When: 28 September 2016

Where: Siam Kempinski Hotel, Rama 1 Road 991/9, Bangkok, Thailand

We hosted a unique workshop on 28 September 2016 at the Siam Kempinski Hotel in Bangkok, Thailand. Many of the Thai companies we represent for outbound investments in this region continue to face ever-increasing demands on their international function, straining their human and financial resources. To help address this problem, we have invited a global UK law firm called Eversheds to co-host with us a first-of-its-kind collaborative workshop aimed at helping you solve these unique outbound management issues. 

The invitation-only workshop brought together 30 chief counsels and other senior in-house counsels of Thai-based companies who have substantial investments abroad. We discussed cross-border management and legal service issues, share insights, and hear and provide solutions.

While Eversheds may not be widely known in Thailand, it has won numerous awards globally for its expertise and innovative focus on helping in-house counsels manage their international function more effectively. We have invited them to lead this workshop so they can share their insights, some of which are outlined on their website.

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