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ITE Group: 2nd Myanmar oil and gas exhibition and conference, Yangon, Myanmar

When: 19-20 May 2015

Where: Yangon, Myanmar

Leading experts and operators deliberated upon the critical issues, opportunities and difficulties facing Myanmar and its oil and gas industry at the 2nd Myanmar Oil and Gas Conference. The conference and exhibition took place at the Sule Shangri-La Hotel (formerly known as Traders Hotel) in Yangon.

Angus Mitchell, William Greenlee and Jude Ocampo gave a presentation on understanding the legal regime controlling oil and gas exploitation in Myanmar.

The conference focused on the oil and gas sector and its development in Myanmar with its hurdles, opportunities and challenges. The DFDL presentation focused on production sharing contract structure, requisite government approvals, EIAs, recent legal developments, local content and employment requirements, dispositions, changes of control and the foreign investment rules, tax issues and structuring and dispute resolution.  

The conference’s key themes included:

  • Understanding the commercial scope and challenges of harnessing maximum potential out of Myanmar’s oil and gas resources
  • Investment opportunities and risks in the local oil and gas market
  • Updates on exploration projects and hydrocarbon data analysis
  • Examining the infrastructure, transit and logistical requirements for developing an efficient oil and gas industry
  • Understanding domestic obligations and promoting local content, workforce development and community engagement strategies
  • Gain first-hand practices for evaluating the viability, commerciality and profitability of new business ventures

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