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Kneppelhout & NFIA: Legal Aspects of Business and Operations  in the Netherlands | 20 July 2017 | Singapore

When : 20 July 2017

Where : IE Singapore

Kneppelhout is a Rotterdam based firm which has been in collaboration with DFDL since 2016. Kneppelhout has built a successful Asia practice which to date is predominantly focused on China and to a lesser extent on Vietnam. Through this collaboration both firms hope that they can support and expand each other’s out- and in-bound businesses to and from Asia.

Kneppelhout Korthals and Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency (NFIA) presented a briefing on, ” Legal Aspects of Business and Operations in the Netherlands” which was held on 20 July 2017 in Singapore.

The Netherlands is an important gateway to the European market. Many companies from outside the EU have their office, distribution centre or other operations for the European market in the Netherlands. The Netherlands has an excellent business climate for internationally operating companies. However, as in any country, companies need to be aware of the legal aspects of doing business in the Netherlands, and in Europe.

This briefing was mainly addressed to Singaporean companies or companies located in South East Asia which are interested to expand their business in the Netherlands.

For more detailed information on the agenda of the briefing, please click here.