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Lao – DFDL’s Seminar: Tax Reform / Legal and Financing Update

Tax Reform / Legal and Financing Update Seminar 

6th of April 2012, 2:00 pm – 5:00 pm

Laos Stock Exchange Building

DFDL is pleased to invite you to attend our improved tax and legal seminar “Tax Reform / Legal and Financing Update” to be held at the Laos Stock Exchange (“LSX”) Building at the new time on Friday, 6th of April 2012, 2:00 pm – 5:00 pm.  The date of the Seminar has been changed from the original date (29th March 2011).

To prepare you for the recent tax reform changes in 2012 and potential tax planning opportunities, DFDL is organizing a must attend Tax Reform 2012 event. The seminar will also focus on some of the key legal and financing issues that often arise in Laos, so that businesses operating, or planning to establish operations in Laos, can better understand and address these issues.  

The seminar will cover current tax issues including the recent changes to the Tax Law, managing tax assessments, transfer pricing update and tax planning opportunities in Laos.


  • Jack Sheehan – DFDL Regional Director Tax & Customs
  • Walter Heiser – DFDL Senior Counsel
  • Brennan Coleman – DFDL Country Managing Director Laos


Some of the key topics to do with taxation:

•    How the proposed Lump Sum Tax impacts businesses ?
•    How to pay profit tax with the removal of the minimum tax ?
•    What expenses are deductible for tax purposes after the 2012 Tax Reform ?
•    How the new Profit Tax, Excise Tax and Income Tax rates will impact on your business ?
•    How Double Tax Agreements reduce tax liabilities after the 2012 Tax Reform ?
•    How does the 2012 Tax Reform impact on your existing contracts and agreements ?
•    How to successfully manage tax assessments ?
•    Tax planning opportunities in Laos for 2012
•    Transfer pricing update

The event will also focus on the following key legal and financing issues facing businesses operating in Laos:

•    How to successfully import and repatriate cash and profits from Laos ?
•    What are the reserve fund requirements under Lao corporate law ?
•    What debt-to equity ratios apply to your business ?  
•    How to comply with for-ex and capital controls in Laos ?
•    What approvals apply to debt financing in Lao PDR ?
•    How to ensure that your contracts are enforceable in Lao PDR ?
•    How does the new Investment Law affect your business ?
•    Renewal of investment licensing under the new Investment Law
•    Legal corporate compliance update


Registration US$60 + 10% tax per person includes printed documentation and refreshments. Places are limited and we recommend that you confirm your attendance as soon as possible by replying to Mina Korlasak: or +856 21 242 069.