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Legal Breakfast – Investment Promotion Law

Investment Promotion Law Breakfast

Vientiane 14 Jan 2011

Laos has recently enacted a new Investment Promotion Law intended to unite the domestic investment regime with the foreign investment regime. Those who attended our breakfast seminar on January 14th from 9:00 until 10:00 in our offices at Phai Nam Road, House 004, Sisaket Village, Vientiane learnt more about the new Investment Promotion Law, including the following topics:

  • Reduction of capital requirements for certain types of investment
  • Streamlined procedures for establishing business entities through a “one-stop shop” and
  • “Separate procedures for establishing representative and branch offices.”

Download a copy of the presentation here.

Speakers were:

WG_Head_Shot_2 Senesakoune_Sihanouvong

William D. Greenlee, Jr.
Country Managing Director, Lao PDR

Senesakoune Sihanouvong
Legal Adviser
Daniel Noonan
Legal Adviser