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Myanmar Energy Investment Summit, 3-4 September 2013 (Yangon)


Myanmar, a country that has abundant energy resources, particularly hydropower and natural gas is one of the five major energy exporters in the region, particularly of natural gas. The Myanmar government is broadening their strategic approaches to fully tap the huge potential of Myanmar’s energy sector by inviting foreign technical expertise and foreign investment for participation in its hydropower, oil, and gas subsectors; expanding the capacity of existing liquefied petroleum gas plants and implementing new liquefied natural and petroleum gas production projects; and substituting the use of liquid fuel in the transport sector with compressed natural gas.

The Myanmar Energy Investment Summit 2013 was designed to provide a platform for international energy industry players and  potential investors to gather in Yangon; providing updated on the market potential and development plan of the energy sector in Myanmar; implication of new economic regulations arising from latest parliamentary decision for the energy sectors. The Summit focused on the following areas:

  •   Myanmar’s Energy Sectors Outlook & Opportunities
  •   Myanmar’s Energy Sectors Development Plans
  •   Latest Foreign Investment Laws for The Energy Sectors
  •   Financing of Energy Projects including Hydropower Plants
  •   Private Players Incentives and Taxation Laws
  •   Environment Impact Assessment for Energy Projects
  •   Recent Trends in Equipment and Technology

James Finch, Partner; Managing Director, Myanmar, spoke in the first session talking about current legal and tax issues and experiences in Myanmar’s Energy Sector. William D. Greenlee, Jr., Partner; Deputy Managing Director, Myanmar; Head of DFDL China Desk chaired the fist session of the Summit, “Building Sustainable Energy Security for Myanmar’s Economic Growth”. On 4 September David Doran, Partner & Chairman, spoke in the second session speaking about “Hydropower Legal Challenges in Cross-Border Energy Sales”.

    Date      3-4 September 2013            
    Venue   Traders Hotel, Yangon, Myanmar
  From USD 1,280 (for early birds) – USD 1,580

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