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Myanmar legal tax and business insights conference, Singapore

When: 28 May 2015

Where: Sheraton Towers, Singapore

Organized by Magnuslink and supported by EuroCham Singapore, the Myanmar legal tax and business insights conference was aimed at government regulators, lawyers, accountants and auditors, business development directors, commercial managers, CEOs, COOs, CFOs, CIOs and consultants from banking and finance, real estate and property, infrastructure, construction, oil and gas, transport and logistics, energy, telecommunication, industrial estate, hospitality and tourism, manufacturing, consumerism and more.

Topics discussed included:

  • Updates on the recent changes to the Myanmar foreign investment law
  • Key business structrures and investment vehicles
  • Myanmar’s tax regime, commercial taxation matters as well as double tax agreements matters
  • Land ownership and usage laws and restrictions impacting foreign businesses
  • Highlights of the condominium act, transfer of immovable property restriction law, common property and limitation act
  • Mergers and acquisitions and joint venture market forecast and strategies
  • Employment and labour laws 
  • Dispute resolution mechanisms, legal framework jurisdiction, procedures and case studies 
  • Alternate dispute resolution framework
  • Arbitration framework and strategies

James Finch, Partner and Managing Director, Naypyidaw, spoke to gathered investors concerning dispute resolution in Myanmar. He covered dispute mechanisms, alternate dispute resolution and how to mitigate common problems faced by foreign investors. 

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