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Investing into Myanmar’s Oil & Gas Industry: Legal, Tax, and Operational Considerations, 20-21 June 2013 (Singapore)


Investing into Myanmar’s Oil & Gas Industry:

Legal, Tax and Operational Considerations

 20-21 June  2013 – Singapore

Myanmar’s market is full of business opportunities as policy reforms open up the country to foreign investors. Oil & gas investor interest from around the world is increasingly focused on Myanmar due to its relatively small number of unexplored reserves as well as recent policies opening up the country for foreign investment. However, there still exists a large gap about on-the-ground knowledge amongst the oil & gas community about investing into Myanmar as well as how to navigate the regulatory landscape there. 

This intensive 2-day dedicated program aimed to equip potential investors with a working understanding of the legal & tax requirements as well as operational considerations as a foreign investor for investing into oil & gas operations in Myanmar, in order to navigate the complexity of the regulatory process and minimize potential risks. 

Specifically designed to meed the needs of oil & gas companies, private equity, investment funds, banking and financial institutions as well as service & equipment providers, this program benefited both those who are looking to invest themselves, or are involved in advising oil & gas investments into frontier markets such as Myanmar. 

DFDL speakers at this event included:

When:  20-21 June 2013

Where: Shangri-La, Singapore

Cost:  S$2,895

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