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2nd Myanmar Oil & Gas Summit, 17-18 June 2013 (Yangon)


2nd Myanmar Oil & Gas Summit 2013

17-18 June  2013 – Yangon


James Finch, Partner; Managing Director, Myanmar, spoke at this two day conference in Myanmar. As the oil and gas sector develops in Myanmar, comprehensive information is crucial for investors looking to expand or embark upon operations in Myanmar. This event was an excellent opportunity for networking with a range of other businesses interested in Myanmar, as well as a valuable source of inside information about legal, regulatory, tax, and other aspects of doing business in Myanmar. 

When:  17-18 June 2013

Where: The Sedona Hotel, Yangon

Cost:  £1,995

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To register, please fax bookings to +44(0)20 7127 4503 or call +44(0)20 7127 4501.